Top 10 CryptoGigs Of The Week: April 1-7

The week is finally over and it’s time to kick back and put your feet up. Ignore everybody who says you’ll never make crypto as a freelancer. Just keep at it and eventually you will prove them wrong. Getting started is the hardest part, it gets much easier to land freelancer jobs after you get a couple ‘under your belt’. Skills needed for working in online content can include writing, editing, marketing, graphic design, SEO, music, audio, programming, business, eCommerce, lifestyle and social media. Online content work can be found both as a freelancer, or as an employee for a particular company website.

So, the best cryptogigs this week:

For Sellers! How can I make my jobs more popular?

1. Promote your affiliate link in forums, blogs, articles, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc..
2. Visitors click on your affiliate link and land on
3. This member buys something
4. You earn 9%. Now that’s passive income ) You will get paid for EVERY Purchase they make, forever!
5. Receive money to your coin wallet or Binance account instanly after you click Withdraw.

Our affiliate program pays you when your visitors buy any CryptoGig Service! For Life!


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